Career Day at Methacton High School

October 14, 2017

Wednesday, I had the honor of presenting in front of four 9th grade classes at my high school, Methacton.  I was so excited when Mrs. Hartson contacted me over summer inviting me to present.  I talked about how I fell in love with photography in 10th grade in a darkroom class at Methacton.  From there going to Kutztown University undeclared and proudly getting into the Fine Arts program as a freshman.  I did mention my failures too, such as not being able to complete my two minors in Marine Science and Biology.  My experiences with Alpha Sigma Tau that lead me to become the woman I am too and falling in love with Fraternity boy who is now my roommate.  Overcoming the odds of not just doing photography as a hobby, but creating a business in 2014.  I spoke about my starting regrets and struggles to run a small business, and how vital education and investing in yourself is.  In June 2015 I was hired by Govberg Jewelers as a product photographer and a few months later,  Danny Govberg invited me to move into the sales team.  As much as I love photography,  Govberg is also my home.  I work with creative, driven and incredible people who push me to succeed and allow me to express my inner sorority self by being on the Culture Committee team.  I felt so proud to tell my parents about my presentation the other day.  I hope the students took away it is okay to have failures, go into college undecided and that they will face obstacles...but never to stop pursing their passion and dreams.  I think they were more amazed about the watches that we sell, but if I made one difference in a students mind it was all worth it.  Thank you Mrs. Hartson again, Mrs. Messere for inviting me into your classroom and Govberg for letting me borrow my dream watch for the presentation. 


*Side note I think the kids were more interested that we had a hedgehog then me*.




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  • photography, wedding, mainline
  • photography, wedding, mainline
  • photography, wedding, mainline

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