My Photo Shoot Experience with Andrea

A few weeks ago, I had my first photo shoot with Andrea. I was both nervous and excited about it. The only “photo shoots” I’ve ever had were when I was a baby/toddler and for picture day at school. I did my own self-portrait photo shoots for a Smartphone Photography Class that I took in college. I was alone when I took those photos and I was limited by the length of my arm (they had to be true selfies). I was interested in how this experience would compare. I was also looking forward to the photo shoot because I have been in a rut since the passing of my dog, Bailey. I thought this would be a good way to break out of my shell. Below is my entire experience from hair and makeup to the end result.

Outfit I thought about the outfit first because it sets the tone of how you want to portray yourself. Are you free-spirited, romantic, or serious? The outfit says it all. Andrea recommended that I wear something I'm comfortable in and to include accessories like jewelry or a scarf. I am already a fan of dark colors and fall is the perfect time for rich, saturated colors, like royal blue, emerald, plum, and burgundy. I love this multi-colored flower dress. It has so many fall colors in it but I thought it was too thin for the cold weather. I decided to put a black skirt over the dress, so the dress acts like a shirt. I paired the outfit with black booties and finished the look with silver, sparkly jewelry.

Makeup and Hair

Andrea suggested that I don’t go overboard with my makeup and I agree. When you are getting your picture taken, it should still look like you. This is not the best time to try a new makeup look. My go-to makeup is a natural lip, mascara, and dark brown eye shadow and eyeliner, to bring out my blue eyes. I kept my hair straight because that is how I usually wear it. Your photo shoot is not the right time to try a new hairdo either.

The Photo Shoot Itself The location of my photo shoot was the Norristown Farm Park. I advise you to plan your travel route ahead of time because I got lost and was late! Luckily, Andrea didn’t have another client after me. You do not want to be rushing through the experience. I was very nervous having my photo taken. I am a pretty self-conscious person and it feels weird to get photographed for the first time. I was unsure what to do but Andrea tells you exactly how to pose and where to look. She made me feel so comfortable and confident. Andrea was always encouraging me with praise and saying things like, “You look so pretty” and “Great job”. I really started to get into it and before I knew it, we were done! Time went by so fast and I felt like I could keep going.

The Final Product The best part was seeing the photos themselves. As I said before, I’ve never really had a photo shoot, so it was very cool to see the whole experience come full circle. Not to sound conceded but I look so pretty! I was amazed by the final results. Andrea picked the perfect location, the Norristown Farm Park, and utilized the surroundings to create a fall-feeling. The background had subtle colors, which didn't take away from me in the photos. The pictures were very clear and I could see so much detail in them. The photographs were bright and full of life. The final product turned out beautifully. Andrea, I appreciate you allowing me to have a client experience with you. You allowed me to get out of my own head and enjoy myself since the passing of Bailey. Thank you, Andrea, for a great time! Keep scrolling to see more of my photographs!

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