Sunrise Philadelphia Engagement Portraits

I will rave about this engagement session and couple for years to come. Amber and Colin were just happy, giggly and natural.. Not everyone is up for a sunrise engagement session, but I am SO happy they were because this magic happened. It was a breeze to capture their personalities and fun they have together.

How did they meet?!

These two meet at University of Pennsylvania getting their dental degrees. Colin's pediatric dental residency brought them to Salisbury, Maryland where they live with their puppy!

I asked the couple what are other fun things you like to do together?!

"We're pretty low key most of the time after long days at work, just dinner and a movie type of people, and the occasional gym session. We are both very close to our families so we end up going up to Philadelphia area to see his parents a lot. Other than that, we are happy to do anything or nothing at all, as long as we get to do it together!" - Amber

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  • photography, wedding, mainline
  • photography, wedding, mainline

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