Mainline Surprise Proposal

November 5, 2018

This weekend was full of fun and also surprises... meaning a surprise proposal! Brian booked a fall session months ago and learned that one of the locations we would be photographing at would be Harcum. He mentioned he may then proposal during the session because his girlfriend, Noreen, went there. The planning then began! We started the session at the Baldwin School while just chatting and walking through the photos. Not going to lie, I was nervous and excited. We talked over to the front of Harcum and I posed Noreen in front of Brian for a "staggered" portrait pose. Little did she know yet, Brian was pulling out his grandmother's ring from 1961 to propose to her. Once I had her turn around and she saw him on one knee, it all hit her. I was tearing up behind my camera even! What an amazing and emotional moment to be apart of. She of course said yes and could not believe it was happening! I loved hearing Brian explain to her about how his plans, who knew and how his mom has been holding onto that ring for him since his grandmother passed away. You know it must have been fate, because Brian's grandmother and Noreen share the same middle name. Brian even planned afterwards a celebration at Baranby's after with their family and friends. Congratulations Brian and Noreen!! 























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  • photography, wedding, mainline
  • photography, wedding, mainline
  • photography, wedding, mainline

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